Low Countries History Seminars 2018/19

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Convenors: Liesbeth Corens (Queen Mary), Anne Goldgar (King’s College London), Ben Kaplan (UCL), Ulrich Tiedau (UCL), Joanna Woodall (Courtauld Institute of Art)

Meetings: Fridays at 5:15 pm at the Institute for Historical Research, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU. All meetings except 28 September will be held in Wolfson Room I, in the basement.

Autumn Term

28  September – Gary Waite (New Brunswick), ‘Jews and Muslims in Seventeenth-Century Discourse: From Religious Enemies to Allies and Friends’ – to be held in Seminar Room N304, on third floor of IHR.

19 October – Jonas Roelens (Ghent), ‘Citizens & Sodomites. Perception and Persecution of Sodomy in the Southern Low Countries (1400–1700)’

2 November – Esther van Raamsdonk (Exeter), ‘Seventeenth-Century Anglo-Dutch Imagology’

30 November – Janet Dickinson (Oxford), ‘Drowned books and their histories: making sense of the remarkable cargo of a seventeenth-century shipwreck discovered off the Texel islands’

Spring Term

25 January – David Trim (Andrews), ‘The Sea Beggars and their Huguenot and English allies: Transnational Calvinist maritime cooperation, 1568–1577’

8 February – Matthew Champion (Birkbeck), ‘Chronological Devotions in the Fifteenth-Century Low Countries’

22 February – Suze Zijlstra (Leiden), ‘Anglo-Dutch Americas: migration and labor in New Netherland and Suriname’

8 March – Marisa Bass (Yale), ‘Monuments and the Making of History in the Dutch Republic’

Summer Term

3 May – Sietske Fransen (Cambridge), ‘Antoni van Leeuwenhoek: microscopist and draughtsman’

17 May – Matthew Laube (Cambridge), ‘The Acoustics of Violence in the Dutch Revolt’

We are grateful for generous support from the General Representation of the Government of Flanders in the United Kingdom.