Poetry Translation Workshop with Arnold Jansen op de Haar

24 January 2019

Holland Press
Arnold Jansen op de Haar

Like last year, Dutch poet Arnold Jansen op de Haar, who is also editor and publisher at Holland Park Press, will visit the Dutch finalists’ Advanced Translation class this term, for an insightful workshop on translating poetry.

Students will have a go at translating a canonical Dutch poem (‘Compagnie de Mozambique’ by J. J. Slauerhoff) and one of his own poems, ‘contemplating writing a novel”,

reminiscing about the Dutch landscape. Together with the author, they will  discuss their translation strategy and choices, and analyse and evaluate existing English translations of both poems.

As a result, students will develop a deeper understanding of translating poetry based on both the insights of the author himself, as well as the publisher’s point of view.