One of the most typical Dutch holidays, after Sinterklaas maybe, is King’s Day. Celebrated since 1885, as Princess’s Day for Princess Wilhelmina, this day has brought a lot of festivities for the people in the Netherlands through the ages. Now that this beautiful day was also celebrated in London, our UCL department of Dutch naturally had to be there!

The orange decorations gave some warmth and happiness to the cold and windy day that was the 27th of April. All around and in the Dutch Centre and Dutch church games were played by children, Dutch snacks were eaten, and music was played. Inside was a live-stream of the Royal Family’s tour through Amersfoort and an auction, outside a flea market. All together, it was a very Dutch feeling.

Vera and I were there to represent UCL, and promote the centenary of the department. With Dutch candy and stroopwafels to win, we challenged people to do a Dutch quiz. Questions included: ‘What are hunnebedden?’ ‘What city is orange in Dutch Monopoly?’ and ‘When was the so-called Golden Age of the Netherlands?’ Lots of people showed interest, although many were scared to enter the competition. However we had a lot of fun, we able to explain about the program and the coming activities. And even some students stopped by!