CLCS Annual Lecture 2018 (9 January 2018)

The Cruelty of Freedom A Dutch Republican Baroque and its Political Implications A lecture by Frans-Willem Korsten

Frans-Willem Korsten, A Dutch Republican Baroque

Join us for the 2018 CLCS annual lecture which will be given by Frans-Willem Korsten. He will present his latest book, A Dutch Republican Baroque: Theatricality, Dramatization, Moment and Event (UAP, 2017). Korsten will discuss how two aesthetic formal modes, theatre and drama, were dynamically related to two political concepts, event and moment. This will lead to a new historical perspective on the Baroque as a specifically Dutch republican one, while at the same time demonstrating the relevance of analysing early modern literature by means of 20th century philosophy. Frans-Willem Korsten is a professor of literary studies at Leiden University. His books include Lessons in Literature (2005) and Sovereignty as Inviolability (2009). Continue reading “CLCS Annual Lecture 2018 (9 January 2018)”