Creative writing with Dutch author Vrouwkje Tuinman

How do these people know each other? Why is the one young woman looking to the side? Who or what is she looking at? Why are they posing the way they do? Is this their car? Where and why is this picture taken?

Formulating these and more questions about this intriguing picture led our current finalists to writing a synopsis of a potential backstory, expertly guided by Vrouwkje Tuinman, novelist and poet, who had just published her latest collection of poems contemplating the loss of her long-term partner, former City of Amsterdam poet laureate F. Starink.

Starink is known for writing poetry and performing at funeral services for lonely and unknown people. Vrouwkje Tuinman posthumously finished his last manuscript about this remarkable and laudable initiative.

The 2-hour session with our finalists did not involve death and mourning, but rather various techniques for creating stories based on the above picture, and a range of key words. Students enjoyed playing around with this and listening to each other’s creations.

We are working with our current Harting exchange student to publish these stories at the Utrecht University student writing platform, so watch this space!

Subtext: an evening with Lisa Weeda (5 March 2019)

Lisa Weeda

Please join us and the Comparative Literature students of Subtext for an evening with the Dutch writer-in-residence Lisa Weeda on Tuesday 5 March at 6:30 pm in Gordon Street 25 – 105 Public Cluster. Lisa and Subtext editors & contributors will be reading from their work, which will be followed by a discussion on themes related to home, belonging and the creative process. Refreshments will be available throughout the event. A conversation between Subtext and Lisa can already be found here. Continue reading “Subtext: an evening with Lisa Weeda (5 March 2019)”

Poetry Translation Workshop with Arnold Jansen op de Haar

24 January 2019

Holland Press
Arnold Jansen op de Haar

Like last year, Dutch poet Arnold Jansen op de Haar, who is also editor and publisher at Holland Park Press, will visit the Dutch finalists’ Advanced Translation class this term, for an insightful workshop on translating poetry.

Students will have a go at translating a canonical Dutch poem (‘Compagnie de Mozambique’ by J. J. Slauerhoff) and one of his own poems, ‘contemplating writing a novel”,

reminiscing about the Dutch landscape. Together with the author, they will  discuss their translation strategy and choices, and analyse and evaluate existing English translations of both poems. Continue reading “Poetry Translation Workshop with Arnold Jansen op de Haar”

Book launch: Leonard Nolens, An English Anthology (7 Feb. 2019)

Leonard Nolens, An English Anthology

Please join us for the launch of An English Anthology by Leonard Nolens, in English translation by Paul Vincent, honorary Senior Lecturer at UCL Dutch, which is published by Carcanet Press. The evening will include readings by both Leonard and Paul, followed by a Q&A which will be chaired by Carcanet’s founder and managing director, Michael Schmidt.

‘I was born in Belgium, I’m Belgian. / But Belgium was never born in me.So writes Leonard Nolens in ‘Place and Date’, which captures a mood of political and social disillusionment amid a generation of Dutch-speaking Belgians. And throughout this selection we encounter a poet engaged with the question of national identity. Frequently the poet moves into that risky terrain, the firstperson plural, in which he speaks as and for a generation of Flemings, embodying an attitude towards artistic and political commitment that he considers its defining mark. Continue reading “Book launch: Leonard Nolens, An English Anthology (7 Feb. 2019)”

Lisa Weeda Dutch Writer in Residence 2019

Lisa Weeda

UCL Dutch will be welcoming its annual writer in residence in March. Dutch author Lisa Weeda, author of De benen van Petrovski (2016), will  meet with our language students, as well as present at an evening event, and assist our students in translating one of her recent works.

UCL students will virtually collaborate on this with students from the universities of Sheffield and Nottingham. They will be assisted by a professional translator, Jonathan Reeder,  and the final text will be published by the Dutch-Flemish Cultural Centre De Buren in Brussels. Continue reading “Lisa Weeda Dutch Writer in Residence 2019”